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When is Eid 2016 in Saudi, India? 6th or 7th July

When is Eid 2016 in Holiday in India Country : The confusion of holiday in India is that eid-ul-fitr holiday will be on 6 July or 7 July in this year of 2016. So my friends the eid will be most probably in India will be on 6th of july because i find this information of new moon on timeanddate website which is quite popular for the accuracy. We cannot declare the confirm date until we see the moon news in the Saudi Arabia, this is a fact on which we predict the eid date in India country that:

Note: If Eid in Saudi will be on 5th july then in India Eid will be on 6th July in 2016.

So this is the prediction which we can make for sure for this Eid ul fitr 2016. On this great festival of Eid you can send Wishing Images for free by clicking below:

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When Is Eid 2016 In Saudi Arabia | Eid ul fitr 2016 In India

In India Eid Al Fitr will be on 6th of july this year we will have 29 fast. We can see in the calendar the declared date of holiday of Eid is 6 july. So on 1 day before see the chand yourself and get 100% confirm about it or you can watch the news channel who will confirm you about this from the eid status from Saudi Arabia.

when is eid ul fitr 2016 in Saudi, India

Friends if this can help people who want to know when exact eid is in 2016 6th or 7th july then you can share this with the one you care. Eid is the festival of love and to hug your near and dear.

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