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Salman, Sharukh, Aamir Khan Eid Party 2016 Images, Videos

Salman, Sharukh, Aamir Khan Celebrating Eid 2016 Festival Images,Videos Download : I have some latest images of the biggest celebrities of India whose every activity is recorded. So how they are going to celebrate the Eid 2016 this year is still a question in our mind, with us you can download Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan EId Party 2016 & Namaz (Prayer) Images , and videos for free. One thing is very clear that salman khan will be busy with his movie which is released today and doing very good business on box office. On the day of eid we want to wish them live because they have a great fan following in India. I am the biggest fan of sharukh khan because of his acting, his every activity. Sharukh looks rude from outside but he is very kind from his heart when it comes to the donation or when someone in need but never expose such activities in media as other celebrities do.

Salman Khan Celebrating Eid Festival Videos, Images

Below is the collection of the celebration which is done by the Salman khan at home and Eid Party which is given by the Salman khan and all of the big big celebrities come to join us, who has attended Eid party is also a
question which come in limelight every year.

Salman khan eid party 2016 images gallery

salman khan eid bash images

salman khan in auto riksha image

Sharukh Khan Eid 2016 Party Images

Now lets come to Sharukh khan who will give the party in his own mahal whose name is mannat or he will come out to accept the wishes of his fans which are in billions same as he did in his recent movie fan, lol !!.

sharukh khan on eid 2016 party

sharukh khan family on eid

sharukh khan outside home on eid

Aamir Khan Eid 2016 Party Images

Aamir khan also celebrates Eid every year and he is religious from heart as well thats why i call him a great human. There are many Images and videos of Eid mubarak which i am sharing hope you will love this collection.

aamir khan celebrating eid festival

aamir with family on eid 2016

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