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Ramadan 2016 Moon Sighting Timings Citywise

Ramadan 2016 Moon Sighting Timings Citywise According to Islamic 1437 Calender : Know the latest updates of Ramadan Mubarak Chand and Moon Sighting time schedule of June 6 when our Ramadan is expected to began. Ramadan is celebrated as per the ritual of Holy Quran. So this year Ramadan 2016 will began from 6th of June when we will see the Moon in the sky. Probably it will not be visible on the sky of your area so here in this blog i will provide you the latest updates of Ramadan 2016 Moon Sighting Timings of Worldwide from the Saudi Arabia & Mecca so that you can start beginning the fasts and also start the “Tarabi” on the day of “Chand Raat”. Ramadan is a period of whole month when Muslim community have fast every day in which we cannot eat or drink anything which is a period from “Sehri” (Before the Sun Rise) till the “Iftyari” (Time of Magrib).

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Moon Rise Time For Ramzan 2016 In Your City/Location/Country

Ramadan 1437 AH: 6th June 2016 (On Monday) As per the Astronomical New Moon Universal Time According to Mecca. On June 5 the Sunset time will Be 19:01 & the Moonset will be at 19:23 in Mecca. So Insha’Allah in America & Saudi Arabia we will start the Mubarak Month of Ramadan on 6th of June and In Some countries like India Ramadan will be on 7th of June 2016.

Ramadan 2016 Moon Timing

Still there is a bit confusion that Ramadan 2016 will start from 6th of June or from 7th of

June so in the above image we can clearly see that Insha’Allah the Ramadan will start from 6th so start the preparation from now 🙂 . As per the Lunar Calendar we are providing you the list of timing which will be applicable on these countries like India | United States | United Kingdom | Saudi Arabia |  Pakistan | Morocco Etc.

Ramadan 2016 Sehri & Iftar timing Full Month (Mumbai India IST Time Zone)

Date & Day Sehri Time

(Mumbai – India)

Iftar Time

(Mumbai – India)

June 7th 2016  (Tue) 04:38 19:15
June 8th 2016  (Wed) 04:38 19:15
June 9th 2016  (Thu) 04:38 19:15
June 10th 2016  (Fri) 04:38 19:16
June 11th 2016  (Sat) 04:38 19:16
June 12th 2016  (Sun) 04:38 19:17
June 13th 2016  (Mon) 04:38 19:17
June 14th 2016  (Tue) 04:38 19:17
June 15th 2016  (Wed) 04:38 19:18
June 16th 2016  (Thu) 04:39 19:18
June 17th 2016  (Fri) 04:39 19:18
June 18th 2016  (Sat) 04:39 19:18
June 19th 2016  (Sun) 04:39 19:19
June 20th 2016  (Mon) 04:39 19:19
June 21th 2016  (Tue) 04:39 19:19
June 22th 2016  (Wed) 04:40 19:19
June 23th 2016  (Thu) 04:40 19:19
June 24th 2016  (Fri) 04:40 19:19
June 25th 2016  (Sat) 04:40 19:20
June 26th 2016  (Sun) 04:41 19:20
June 27th 2016  (Mon) 04:41 19:20
June 28th 2016  (Tue) 04:41 19:20
June 29th 2016  (Wed) 04:42 19:20
June 30th 2016  (Thu) 04:42 19:21
July 1st 2016  (Fri) 04:42 19:21
July 2nd 2016  (Sat) 04:43 19:21
July 3rd 2016  (Sun) 04:43 19:21
July 4th 2016  (Mon) 04:44 19:21
July 5th 2016  (Tue) 04:44 19:21
July 6th 2016  (Wed) 04:44 19:21

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For Other Countries (Canada, US, UK Etc)

On this Ramadan be energetic and try to do all the fasts with punctuality. Sharing is the key of Ramadan so try to do the “Zakat & Sadka” On this month. All namaz are compulsory so try to go to the mosque on time. If we will do the fasting from your heart then i know we all will be blessed by the Allah.

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