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Eid Al Adha 2016 Moon, Namaz timings, Eid Gah Locations In India, Egypt, Dubai, Canada

Bakra Eid 2016 Moon, Namaz timings, Eid Gah Locations In India, Egypt, Dubai, Canada : As eid is coming near to the timing of eid should be announced so that we can bath and get ready for the namaz on time, we rush to Eid gah every year for the namaz because it is better way to pray Namaz and we have a lot of rush over there so friends in this article i will tell you how you can get ready for the namaz on time and what will be the timings of namaz in the majoy cities of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah, Egypt and many more. Eid namaz means we can do namaz from these time:

Morning Time in Jaama Masjid : 08:30 AM – 10AM

Eid Gah Timings: 09:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

These mention timing is for every city in India and in abroad so rush accroding to these timings in the masjid. Eid Al Adha / Bakra Eid Namaz is farz  on all Muslims so do not think to skip it at any cost because the sawab is a lot of 1 namaz, if we don’t read the namaz of Eid then it will be consider that we are not muslim.

Bakra Eid / Eid Al Adha Is on 12th Sept Or 13 Sept in 2016

This is a big confusion this year that when is Bakra Eid is on 12th or 13th so this is very simple that this eid is not dependent on the moon timing it is fix from before according to the muslim calender so you can note down the confirm timing about the eid 2016 is:

Eid Al Adha in Saudia Arabia: 12 September 2016

Bakra Eid In India : 13th September 2016

Share this information to your friends also because i am writing all this for you all which could help you in sharing the Eid Gah location, Namaz timing and the Moon time of Eid 2016.

Bakra Eid Namaz Timing & Eid Gah Locations


Now lets come to the locations of Eid Gah, many people migrate in India every year to new cities and countries so it is very important to know the short way to reach Eid gah location In India, and Saudia Arabia from here and the Namaz timing so that in the huge crowd you can reach on time for the Namaz.

You can use this tool and just insert your city name + Eid Gah to know the number of eid gah in your city and the shortest path to reach there to start searching your location please click here…

Example to search: Delhi Eid Gah

This tool will work in all the world for every city so please share important information with your friends also to guide them about the Namaz timing and Eid Gah Locations for the Namaz.

Bakra Eid Namaz Ka Tarika / Niyat

Eid 2016 namaz ki niyat and tarika

I think we have cover all the necessary information about the eid al adha / Bakra Eid 2016 which is important to know to the complete Namaz on time. May Allah bless all of us from the negatives powers and bless us with his love.


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