EId 2016 Moon Sighting Timings | EId 2016 Moon Sighting News In India, Delhi, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mecca

Today EId Moon Sighting TIme, News In India | Egypt | Australia |Canada | UAE Etc. Citywise

Eid 2016 Moon Sighting Timings, News In India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai

Eid 2016 Moon Sighting News In India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Egypt : Chand raat is the best time when we hear about the eid news and prepare with the new dresses because we have the festival of Eid Ul Fitr on the next day of chand mubarak. We have Eid on 5th or 6th July 2016 in Saudia Arabia & On 6th or 7th July In India. So chand raat will be one day before of Eid.

Eid Moon Sighting In India: 07:26 onwards on 4th of july or 5th of July

Eid Moon Sighting in Saudi : Magrib Time Onwards on 3rd July or 4th July 2016

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Eid 2016 Moon Sighting

eid 2016 moon sighting news in india, saudi arabia

You can use the binoculars to see the moon clearly, we will get the updates of the eid in the news but many muslim friends want to celebrate the chand raat by seeing the moon by their self.  So in Delhi, Hydrabad, Banglore, Bareilly, Chennai will be different because the magrib time of all these cities are different. You will have almost 15 mins to see the chand after the Magrib azan so get ready and for the direction you can see the below image that in which position the moon will rise the position will be east that will be fix.

For Saudi Arabia and Dubai, Sharjah, Mecca etc the timing will be different to download the timing chart follow below link:

Eid Mubarak Moon Sighting Time

Problems that can come In Eid Moon Sighting

There is no surety that you will get this chance to see the moon on eid because the condition can be when you won’t be able to see the Eid Moon:

1- Cloud

2- Less Visibility

3- Hurdle from your point of view

4- Bad angle of elevation

So friends i wish all the have a very happy eid. And now you can get engaged in the shopping of the eid because half of the Ramadan are gone and eid is going to come very soon.

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