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Eid 2016 Eid Gah Locations | Timing In Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, India | Namaz Niyat Tarika

Eid 2016 Namaz Padne ki Niyat, Tarika | Locations | Timing In Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, India : After the completion of 30 rozas, finally comes the day of eid al fitr Namaz of 2016 which is a day of happiness. the day begins with the holy prayer and devotion of the rozedars to their allah through namaz.everyone takes a bath and prepares himself for the namaz whose way will be discussed in this article and the timing on which you can attend the namaz to your nearest mosque. The awareness of namaz timing is very essential and everybody needs to present himself in the masjid at time to attend namaz. Eid is the beautiful festival so after the namaz dont forget to hug your relatives and friends and incase you have any ill will with anyone then forget them and forgive everyone from your heart and you will get the ajar of this great work :-). This year the expected namaz timings are different for different places and are detailed as follows:

Eid 2016 Eid Gah Masjid Locations| Namaz Padne ka Time & Tarika

As salamm allaiqum

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Niyat 2 rakat namaz wajib eid ul fitar ya eid ul adha ma zahid 6 takbiro k mu kabe shareef ki taraf picha is imam ka

Allah o akbar.

Eid 2016 namaz ki niyat and tarika

Namaz will start from Morning 08:00 and End will Maximum to 11:00 AM in the morning so you can search for your nearest Jama Masjid from our search box which will give you the result of Eid Namaz Timings with the location in Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Saudi Arabia.

Note: Remember that how to make Niyat of Namaz of Eid which is quite different so you can Read it from here and don’t forget to share this with your relatives. Forwarding good information is a good work. Don’t miss the eid namaz because it is Farz to all the Muslims so set the alarm in your clock and get ready for the Namaz better to go in Eidgah where the Namaz will take place.

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