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*Declared* When is eid 2016 in India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai

When is Ramadan eid 2016 in India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai Country : The main question to be discuss is Eid will be today or tomorrow in India and other countries. The recent news is that in Saudi the moon was not seen yeaturday so as we calculate from saudi every year then find about the latest news about the eid 2016 from the below where is have declared what astronomers are saying about this festival and the latest news and updates of this festival. If there will be any recent update related to new moon news then all the dates will be shifted which will origin from Saudi Arabia so it is my request to keep checking the latest update on the website.

Latest News of Eid 2016 In India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Eid al fitr in India will be on 7th of July in 2016.


Eid 2016 in Pakistan will be on 6th of July.

Eid 2016 in Bangladesh : 6 July 2016.

Eid 2016 in Egypt will be on : 7 July 2016.

Eid 2016 News Saudi Arabia : Yesterday Crescent Moon was not visible but anytime the update can come so likely it will be on  6 July 2016.

 When is Eid 2016 In Dubai : 6 July 2016.

Now we all are waiting for the most recent news which can come anytime so get in touch we have search bar in this website so you can check your query there which will show the latest and best result for your city or country.

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Friends share this latest news with your friends so that we can know about the eid festival and dates so that the wrong fasting will be not done by anyone.


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